Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Three Generations

Recently my favorite aunt came for a visit. During the visit she and my daughter, Ryann, volunteered to help me log and sort my ever-growing record album collection while I was working furiously on some custom orders. (A bride wanted to give her bridesmaids record album purses as bridesmaid gifts -- she picked three albums that they all spent time together listening, singing and dancing to back in the 80's).

Well, Ryann promptly jumped on the computer, pulled up an xcel spreadsheet and the work began. Aunt Rachel would hand Ryann a stack of albums to put into the spreadsheet. When Ryann finished, Rachel would return and sort them alphabetically in little piles up and down the hallway.

Halfway into the project, we discovered that the newest generation doesn't alphabetize the way the older does -- a victim of the itunes/ipod lifestyle. In other words, if Annie Lennox showed up in my collection, Ryann alphabetized under "A," just like she would find on the itunes menu. My aunt, put that same album under "L". Oh my. The middle generation (me) could see both sides. I've also gotten used to finding songs on itunes the same way my daughter does. BUT there is always that part of me that finds it wrong, surname first, right? Whatever. At least they are organized and searchable now.

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