Sunday, January 30, 2011

launching my own website and making beer bread...

First for the *really* good stuff. I recently found the recipe to make beer bread. Sounds like it would go great with a nice bowl of homemade chili.
Here's the link to the recipe for the beer bread:
And here's the recipe for the chili -- it's a Wendy's Chili copycat:

Just remember, on the beer bread, to sift, sift, sift that flour. If you don't have a fancy schmancy flour sifter thing -- the one with the handle, etc. , just pour the measured flour into a metal mesh sieve to sift. The only thing I added to the chili recipe was some roasted and peeled anaheim chilis -- around three or four -- also added a small amount of green bell pepper.

My new website:
I felt the need to really brand my stuff with Vindicated Vinyl and, unfortunately, etsy doesn't let you change your shop name. No matter, I wanted to go ahead and grab a domain anyway, so I've now got it up and running. I'll keep my etsy store until I get enough traffic driven to my new website.
Here's the link it you feel like you'd like to check it out:

albums on deck

  • Petty Girl Pinup Vintage Albums
  • Queen - JAZZ
  • Sing With the Four Roses Society (a vintage fave)