Monday, February 23, 2009

Jeremiah was a bullfrog...

So the other day, as I stood freezing in my cold garage cutting wood for more purses, I wondered how I must really like what I’m doing to freeze out here like this. What is it that keeps me going back into that cold garage (hurry up, spring and summer!)? I know it’s all the things that go into creating the craft that keep the passion going. I’m sure all the other great artisans like the ones on etsy and 1000 Markets feel the same drive to create. For my particular craft, I know it’s all about the music.3dognight

Ah, the memories that seeing certain albums jogs in my brain. If only I had pictures of my cousins and I, doing hula-hoop routines to The Monkees on my grandma’s back porch. We dragged my little portable, plastic turntable outside and plugged it into grandma’s outdoor outlet and stayed out there for hours. Loudly singing along to, “Mary, Mary” and “Last Train to Clarksville.” Then we’d hop on the swingset and sing at the top of our voices Three Dog Night’s “Joy to the World.” We just couldn’t get enough of spewing out “Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was a good friend of mine.”

Sometimes I am totally drawn to the artwork on a cover. I might not have ever heard the music, but love the cover, or the inside sleeve graphics and sometimes it’s just the center graphic on the vinyl. Oh, and that shiny, black vinyl! The ridges and valleys that form the songs — I love the way it looks and feels. Top it off with some nickel rivets - fabulous. But everything contrasts just perfectly with black, shiny vinyl, doesn’t it. Think about it.

So the hunt goes on. I search for more cool records to spotlight — they’ll get another way to be seen and admired. And, hopefully, for my customers, they can relive some great memories also.

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